Summer Exhibition 2015

Earlier in the year I applied online for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, quite on a whim, not really thinking I would hear back at all. So when I got an email in March saying my two embroideries had been short listed, I was so excited and flabbergasted I didn't want to hope that I would get any further.

So I began to more and more excited at the same time as trying to accept that getting shortlisted was pretty special.

In May I heard both my embroideries were through to next stage and that felt amazing, because there is always the fear that your work won't match up especially when compared to large scale paintings and prints.

Then on 21st May confirmation.... looked at the first email and the style of wording had changed the word regret oh dear I think I am really upset....

So I'll just check the other email (each entry has it's own automated email) and HURRAH!!

I am pleased to inform you that your artwork, I MAY FALL LIKE PETALS FROM A DAISY, has been selected for this year’s exhibition.

Those magical words 'I'm pleased to inform you'. They make my heart sing.

Like when I passed my driving test after 4 attempts and 3 years of lessons. I am definitely the tortoise in this race........

Sin x